weld county, Colorado
"Where every youth deserves a chance to play baseball."



Distribution of Funds

Here are some of the recipients that FOB has contributed to here in the Baseball Community of Weld County and surrounding area.


  • Gary Harper Scholarship Award - $4,000 a year.

  • Susan G. Korman Brest Cancer Fund - donated memorabilia used to raise funds.

  • UNC Baseball program - $2,000 each year to run a free baseball camp for ages 7-14.

  • Butch Butler Field - batting cage, dugouts.

  • Radioactive Bears program - help offset cost for players to play summer baseball.

  • Dayspring batting cage.

  • Youth Complex - outfield fences - $10,000 per field.

  • Greeley/Evan Youth Baseball - equipment, balls.

  • Highland High baseball helped replace damaged baseball uniforms.

  • Ft. Lupton baseball to help provide equipment.

  • Handed out practice and game balls to over 14 high schools in the Weld County area.

  • Scoreboard at Greeley Central.

  • Provided baseballs for Kenya (Africa) baseball camp.

  • Two Rivers baseball complex.

  • Cheyenne Wyoming Youth Baseball - provided memorabilia for their auction.

  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Greeley.

  • Purchase of sports memorabilia for FOB annual breakfast event.

  • Speaker fees (approx. $10,000 annually).

  • Island Grove complex rental (approx. $3,900 annually).

  • Meals (approx. $4,500 annually).